Swissray ddRCruze Plus, Mobile DR X-ray system

A compact, versatile and fully motorized mobile DR system with technologist-designed features including a front view camera & collision sensor for safe maneuverability, 2 touch-screen monitors and advanced acquisition software for ultimate workflow. ddRCruzePlus delivers superior image quality and wireless connectivity with seamless integration to the hospital network.

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Swissray ddRCruze Plus:

A highly versatile, fully motorized and easy to use mobile DR system with wireless connectivity, superior diagnostic image quality, front-view camera and front collision sensor for safe maneuverability and additional touch screen viewing monitor for image review and system setup.

Its functional design and ultimate flexibility allows the ddRCruzePlus to be used anywhere in the hospital whenever the patient is too critical or simply unable to be transported to the X-Ray department. Easily moved and operated with only one hand, the ddRCruzePlus is incredibly compact making it ideal for use in small rooms and easily transported throughout the hospital. Yet despite being a fully independent mobile DR system, the ddRCruzePlus includes a portable WiFi based detector, wireless connectivity and advanced image acquisition software for seamless integration with the hospital network (PACS and RIS). Its advanced image acquisition software can effortlessly retrieve patient and exam information, display images in seconds and also offers multiple image management and editing possibilities within a fast and intuitive software application.

To add to it’s versatility, the ddRCruzePlus can be built using your choice of generator size (32, 40 or 50kW) and your choice of either a Short, Tall or Telescopic arm allowing the X-Ray tube to be positioned easily and accurately for even the most challenging portable exams. The powerful (32, 40 or 50kW) generators combined with its portable WiFi based detector and image acquisition software provide high quality and consistent images.

Key Features:
  • Choose from 3 Generator Sizes:
    • 32kW
    • 40kW
    • 50kW
  • Choose from 3 Tube Column Options:
    • Standard/Tall: Min. height 198cm
    • Short: Min. height 185cm
    • Telescopic: Min. height 137.6cm
  • Fully motorized and fully comprehensive mobile DR system
  • Effortless system operation
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Premium diagnostic image quality
  • Technologist-designed convenience features
  • Viewing monitor for image review and system setup which can be positioned on any side of the system for added convenience
  • Front-view camera for safe maneuverability
  • Easy detector bagging device
  • Crystal batteries for long battery life
  • 300kHU X-RAy Tube
  • Manual Collimator without filter
  • Hand Switch
  • Tube Angle Indicator
  • CAT-6 Ethernet Cable and WiFi network adapter for DICOM connectivity
  • Front collision sensor
  • PrestoDR Software
  • FlatPanel Detector (Choose single or dual detectors)
    • 3543EZ including 2 batteries and a battery charger
    • 2430EX including 2 batteries and a battery charger
  • Wifi access point
  • Apron Hook x 2
  • Grid Holder Drawer
  • Gloves Holder
  • Anti-bacteria Wipes Holder
  • Requisition Holder