Case Studies

Ziehm RFD3D CMOS Road Show 2018

Throughout 2018, Euromed demonstrated the newly updated Ziehm RFD3D CMOS system, featuring the new Ziehm CMOS detector for crystal clear 2D and 3D images in theatre.

The demo was completed in conjunction with a number of DHB’s and Private Hospitals throughout New Zealand, with excellent imaging results achieved for a wide range of theatre cases. The generous 31x31cm 2D field of view gave the potential to view a substantial amount of patient geometry if necessary, and the new larger 3D volume of 20x20x18cm provides the new benchmark in mobile 3D C-Arm imaging, with a 3D resolution of 0.387mm per slice. The 3D Zoom-in option offers a smaller 10x10x10cm volume for finer anatomical structures with the ability to create an incredibly detailed 3D resolution of 0.195mm per slice.

Throughout the demonstration the Ziehm RFD3D CMOS showcased its ability to interface with multiple intraoperative Navigation partners. The RFD3D CMOS has the capacity to interface with either Stryker, Brainlab, or Medtronic Navigation systems. A large number of Navigated 3D cases were completed successfully thanks to Ziehm’s ability to offer a powerful mobile imaging solution, with clearly defined 3D images for a wide range of patient sizes.

Feedback from surgeons and radiographers alike was incredibly positive, with excellent comments on 2D image quality, including Orthopaedics, Soft Tissue, Cardiology, and Vascular imaging studies, and likewise, the 3D image quality which features Ziehms Iterative Reconstruction to heavily reduce the effects of metal artefacts, creates an exceptional display of metallic hardware implants, to offer surgeons the confidence and quality assurance that implants have been correctly installed and are optimally positioned for the best patient outcome possible.

Thanks to all of the Hospitals who made time to work together with the Ziehm RFD3D CMOS during this demonstration, and if your theatres require the latest in versatile 2D and 3D mobile imaging, please don’t hesitate to contact Euromed’s sales team for more information.


Dairy Flat Vets - Leonardo mini Dimensions

The Dairy Flat Veterinary Clinic is an outstanding veterinary clinic, dedicated to the care of small animals, farm animals, and equine work.

They required the latest in DR Portable X-Ray solutions for taking the highest quality Digital images in the field.

Dairy Flat Vets selected the Wireless Leonardo Mini Portable DR Suitcase solution manufactured in Germany by OR Technology. This system is housed in a lightweight, super tough suitcase, fitted with a high specification laptop and wireless transmitter, for taking quick X-Rays. With the freedom of wireless communication it allows them to move around large animals and continue imaging with ease, without the hassle of cables.

The Leonardo mini DR solution has helped the Dairy Flat Veterinary Clinic to take X-Ray images and send them for clinical review with the utmost ease and efficiency, and complimented with Euromed’s local NZ Support network they ensure their equipment always performs to the highest standard.

Dairy Flat Vets - Leonardo mini Equine

Dairy Flat Vets – Leonardo mini Equine

Ziehm mobile C-Arm NZ Road show


In 2015 Euromed launched a nationwide demonstration visiting all the major DHBs to demonstrate the latest in Ziehm’s Mobile C-Arm Flat Panel Technology.

The Ziehm Vision FD system was demonstrated by MRT’s throughout the country who compared its superior performance head to head with competitors’ Flat Panel C-Arm systems and Image Intensifier Mobile C-Arms. In each and every case, when compared with competitors’ models, the Ziehm Vision FD proved to be the most ergonomic and light weight imaging solution with the best image definition in the market.

This comes as no surprise as Ziehm is a dedicated Mobile C-Arm company, developing the very best in Mobile C-Arm solutions for any Mobile fluoroscopic application.

Ziehm was the first manufacturer to release its flat panel C-Arm technology, and has been pushing the boundaries of C-Arm imaging ever since. Ziehm provides quality affordable solutions that offer the latest innovations in excellent image quality and dose reduction technology all in a compact footprint with an intuitive user friendly software interface.

Contact Euromed today to see how we can help you with a Ziehm Mobile C-Arm Solution to streamline your theatre imaging workflow.

NZ Defence Force- Outdoor Photo

The New Zealand Defence Force required a number of portable DR X-Ray systems that were easily transportable, lightweight and quick to setup.
The Amadeo M-DR Portable X-Ray solution manufactured by OR Technology in Germany is the class leading solution that exceeded their requirements.

Lightweight: The system can be easily unpacked and setup by two people.
Powerful X-Ray generator: Capable of a full range of imaging techniques for humans.
Quick Setup: The System can be setup and be ready to use in under two minutes.
Easy to operate: Simple software workflow to make imaging quick and easy.
Radiation shielding: The generators lead shielding is so effective that no radiation protection measures are required outside a 1.5m radius from the generator.
Unrivalled Performance: The Amadeo M-DR system is unrivalled in the global market based on the size, weight, and compact design, for producing excellent X-Ray images in a wide variety of environmental conditions.
Fast Cycle Times: For its compact size, the Amadeo M-DR system delivers a very high x-ray shot frequency due to its high output generator, and quality DR Detector Panel, delivering up to 6 maximum capacity X-Ray images per minute.
Bombproof casing for the safe transportation and storage of the complete X-Ray system.

The New Zealand Defence Force Amadeo M-DR Portable X-Ray systems are capable of supporting any deployment around the world, as a seamless portable DR imaging solution.

NZ Defence Force - Amadeo in use