About Us


Mission Statement

We strive to offer the New Zealand medical and veterinary markets with innovative systems that focus on patient care, and quality diagnostic imaging. We are committed to providing service that ensures Euromed products are supported and maintained to the highest standard. By providing exceptional products and service we aim to streamline your workflow.

History of Euromed

1. Humble Beginnings

Euromed Electronics NZ Ltd was registered as an independent service organization in July 1987. The company started out successfully in obtaining service contracts for the maintenance of existing third party X-Ray equipment with the various Area Health Boards across New Zealand.

2. Expanding our Range

From servicing third-party equipment, Euromed moved to sales of X-ray equipment in 1989, with a very positive response from our clients. Our continued efforts and performance have established an excellent reputation among both government agencies and medical and veterinary professionals.
Our involvement in 1995 with the pilot “breast screening” program from Waikato Hospital, plus the sale and the continuous service of the unique Mobile Urology Lithotripter for Mobile Medical Technology in Christchurch, has also proven our capability to satisfy every customer’s needs.

3. Continual Improvements

We have a strong focus on sales and continually strive to improve our range of equipment, as well as the service aspects of our own distributed equipment while expanding our service network of contract engineers.

4. Focus on Service

We still continue to offer 24 hour/7 day nationwide emergency service work from our Auckland Head Office. Our current services are comprised of; sales, installations, application training, and Preventative Maintenance servicing of general radiology X-Ray equipment, Mobile Image Intensifiers, specialized Urology equipment, Laser systems, and Ultrasound systems.

5. Euromed Today

Today, after more than 31 years of business, Euromed continues to grow as an industry leader in medical and veterinary diagnostic equipment within New Zealand, while still maintaining the high level of service which established Euromed as a considerable service organisation during its founding years. We hope to keep satisfying our clients and continue to provide excellent service and creative solutions to the medical and veterinary industris throughout New Zealand.