Atomscope HF400 A

The power packed 6kW x-ray unit with anatomical programme and over 1200 stored exposure settings for quick, easy and high-quality imaging. Ideal for the small animal vet.

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Atomscope HF400A

The power packed, high frequency x-ray unit with full bridge inverter system and anatomical programme designed to be ideal for use in small animal clinics as well as for human use. It’s 1200 stored exposure settings ensure quick and easy, high quality X-ray imaging, and the high power of the X-ray unit creates very short exposure times, making chest X-rays incredibly easy. The Atomscope HF400A is the ideal x-ray unit for the small animal vet.

Key Features:

  • High frequency x-ray generator with full bridge inverter system
  • Stored exposure settings for dogs, cats, birds and other pets for easy handling
  • Thickness gauge for measuring object thickness
  • Serial interface for connection with digital radiography systems
  • Collimator with scale to adjust the size of the light – radiation field
  • Collimator light can be activated via a hand switch
  • Acoustic and optical timer signal
  • Dual laser pointer
  • Digital “X-RAY, READY and ERROR”
  • Tape measure for film – focal spot distance
  • Aluminium casing